About Us
Here’s the back story to how we began the “Sale Barn!"
I moved back home in March of 2015. In a previous life, I spent my time chasing 6 ft tall raccoons, wrestling bald eagles and (hopefully) instilling a lasting appreciation for nature on thousands of people. Being a Park Ranger was fun, but it was time to make my way back to the heartland - Indiana.
I lost 3 grandparents while pursuing my dreams down south, and I felt the urge to help. I always enjoyed bargain hunting and I’ve always had a knack for being pretty organized - sometimes a little OCD. So I found it easy to start liquidating some of the items my family had hoarded over the years.
My grandparents, like many, were children of the depression and saved everything. I gave the barn a name - “Living Tributes” to honor them. Every piece I saved seemed to have a story - or very well could tell a story. Each piece found new life with a new owner. And of course, the Park Ranger in me was happy to see it be rescued. So the stories continue, and so do the sales. The store has changed a lot throughout the years, but the vision and passion remains the same. I have been buying and selling for the past four years, and always slow down to hear the stories. I hope you can find your own story here too.
Beginning in July 2019, we launched our online auction website to help others liquidate. We still plan to host a couple sales a year - early May for 38 Sale & Labor Day Weekend (coincides with festival down the road), but will focus more of our time and efforts on the online auctions. I look forward to sharing this adventure with you all! Be sure to like and follow our facebook page & instagram. Here’s a few fun facts below!
❤️We offer storage options for consignment in our pole barns! It's secure and security cameras are in use!
❤️We can help you! We accept consignment, partial estates and entire houses full! We work diligently to find solutions to your specific circumstances. We've been in your shoes!
❤️We will still plan to have occasional sales -  typically in May during the 38 Sale & Labor Day weekend. We also set up at a few local festivals/shows each year.
❤️We do not have heat or AC so dress accordingly. Most of our items are under roof so it’s always rain or shine! Buildings are not connected though.
❤️ We regularly post items for sale on several other venues including Facebook, Craigslist, Ebay, Poshmark etc. We market our auctions in several different places and reach worldwide customers.
We pride ourselves in being HONEST and HARD WORKING. We try to note any condition issues we see (no matter how small) and test items we can do so fairly quickly & easily. But we are human - and sometimes we can’t test everything, but we will do our best. You’re WELCOME & ENCOURAGED to inspect items during our preview days. Items are sold AS-IS with no warranties.
See you soon,